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Linkoptik Instruments specializes in the development and manufacture of high-end particle characterization instruments, including laser (diffraction) particle size analyzers, dynamic light scattering nano particle size and zeta potential analyzers, and particle image analyzers, both laboratory instruments and online inspection systems. Linkoptik Instruments upholds the "scientific attitude and craftsmanship" to provide customers with the world's advanced high-end products and services.

Linkoptik Instruments has gathered the top talents in the field of particle characterization in China, represented by Dr. Fugen Zhang. Dr. Zhang is the Chairman and Chief Scientist of our company, and is also the Vice Chairman of the National Technical Committee for Particle Characterization and Sieving and Sieve Standardization, a part-time professor of Tianjin University, and the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Particle Society. Mr. Qin He Yi, who was the general manager of a particle size instrument company in China for more than 20 years, is the commercial general manager of the company, and Dr. Pan Linchao and Dr. Chen Jin, the young directors of the Chinese Particle Society, are the main R&D team of the company.

Although laser (diffraction) particle size measurement has been widely used, it is not perfect, both in terms of scientific basis and technical solutions. The team at Truth Optics has conducted systematic theoretical research and technological innovation to address the shortcomings of the current instruments on the market, discovered the phenomenon of anomalous variation of diffraction spot (Airy spot) (ACAD), explained why polystyrene microspheres around 3 μm cannot be measured, and gave a general formula for the anomalous zone (not measuring particle size); studied the upper and lower measurement limits of diffraction instruments; studied the effect of particle The influence of refractive index deviation on the measurement results was studied, and two methods for estimating the refractive index of particles based on the scattered light distribution were invented; an oblique trapezoidal window technical solution (patented) was proposed, which solved the problem of the blind area of the forward oversized angle measurement and significantly improved the submicron particle measurement level of the diffraction instrument; a unified inversion algorithm (proprietary technology) was proposed, which eliminated the embarrassment of different calculation modes giving different results; the design of The ultra-high speed parallel data sampling circuit of up to 20Kfps has been designed, which makes the accuracy of dry measurement no less than that of wet measurement, and the measurement (time) resolution of high-speed spray field is also higher.

In nanometer particle size and zeta potential measurement, Linkoptik Instruments has proposed a more advanced cosine fitted phase analysis method (CF-PALS) than PALS, replacing the traditional flat beam splitter mirror beam splitting with fiber optic beam splitting, and replacing free space interference with optical interference inside the fiber, which has greatly improved the repeatability of zeta potential measurement.



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